Scientists devote substantial time and resources to research intended to help solve environmental problems. Environmental managers and policymakers must decide how to use the best available research evidence to prioritize actions leading to desired environmental outcomes. Yet decision‐makers can face barriers to using scientific evidence to inform action. They may be unaware of the evidence, lack access to it, not understand it, or view it as irrelevant. These barriers mean a valuable resource (evidence) is underused.

As part of a collaborative effort, some of the group worked on a paper that came out this year. The goal of the paper is to provide a set of practical steps for scientists who want to improve the impact their research has on decision‐making. Obviously, a paper such as this should be broadly communicated (to have impact!), so click here to access a dedicated webpage where you can download the paper, a summary, see key take-homes and find links to podcast presentations of the work.