Use our data for synthesis or re-analysis!

For the last few years we’ve been committed to making our data, code and metadata available in the public domain for re-use without any obligation to include us. We recognize the importance of having all of our observations available for synthesis efforts. Equally, if you feel our data should have been analyzed differently, and wish to challenge or build on our conclusions, we welcome such opportunities as an important part of the scientific process to ensure knowledge generation moves forward as efficiently and effectively as possible. No paper is perfect and plurality is the hallmark of good science.

Below are links to some of our datasets. But for efficiency, in general if you are looking for data and code for a specific paper,  please go to the primary paper and scroll to the section in the end which will direct you to the open access database where our data are deposited. You should be able to directly access them or search for them via their DOI.


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